Flat Rock is a small Michigan town located in Wayne County. Approximately 10,000 people call Flat Rock home, which derived its name from the nearby Flat Rock Speedway located in Monroe County. The town is just under seven square miles in total area. Residents enjoy harsh, snowy winters and hot summers.

A Brief History of Flat Rock

Prior to U.S. and European settlement, Flat Rock was home to the Wyandot native Americans. After their forced removal, the area was designated as a reservation until the 1830s. A decade prior, Michael Vreeland and his five adult sons built a homestead in the area and later constructed a grain and lumber mill with materials acquired in New York. They later sold their land (called the Village of Vreeland) in 1838. It was then that the Gibraltar and Flat Rock Land Co. bought the land and platted it into Flat Rock. The intention for the land was to build a canal between Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, but the endeavor failed. Flat Rock was incorporated as a village in 1923 and a city in 1965.

Modern Flat Rock

These days, Flat Rock is known primarily as the site of one of Ford Motor Company’s major manufacturing plants, the Flat Rock Assembly Plant. This plant produces the 5th generation Ford Mustang and the Lincoln Continental. Over the past decade, the town has grown markedly. New construction projects are underway, including that of schools, athletic facilities, entertainment venues, and more.

Flat Rock is also known for its peculiar vulnerability to tornadoes. In fact, Flat Rock has experienced more tornadoes than any other town in Michigan and 66% more tornadoes than the average American city.

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